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Media Coverage of Islamic Economics Debate Held

A meeting to discuss the Media Perception of Islamic Economics in Turkey was held on October 9, 2018 Sunday at Research Center of Islamic Economics (IKAM). IKAM's new title; the report namely "Media Coverage of Islamic Economics" was discussed in a meeting which received rich participation from from Islamic Banking and Finance as well as Media Industry. The report was presented by authors; IKAM's executive board member Dr. Necmettin Kizilkaya and postgradute student, Yasemin Meric which was followed by a question answer and general discussion session.

First of IKAM's Presentation Series Held

The first of the series of IKAM Presentations organized by the Research Center of Islamic Economics (IKAM) was held on September 29, 2018 at ILKE Association by Isa Yilmaz. The program was attended by students from various universities as well as individuals from corporate world. In his fruitful presentation, Isa Yilmaz besides presenting his doctoral thesis, shared rich information with the audience. At the end of the presentation, a plaque was presented to İsa Yılmaz by Süleyman Güder, Chairman, ILEM Executive Board.

Our New Research Paper is Out

Another title in IKAM's series of Research Reports, 'Media Coverage of Islamic Economics' is out. It's been a busy year for us here at Research Center for Islamic Economics (IKAM), and it's not over yet. Towards the second half of year 2018, we have published the 2nd title in our research paper series totaling our research reports to 7 till date.

Media Coverage of Islamic Economics

Islamic economics and finance have been attracting attention in Turkey lately as around the world so undergraduate and post graduate programs have been opened in various universities, participation banks have proliferated in the finance sector and Islamic economics and finance have started getting a role in determining short, medium and long term goals of economic policies of our government. While Islamic Economy was a shining star at politics, academics and the corporate sector, this study was conducted to investigate the perception it hold in the society.

Readings on Islamic Economics II

Economy; examines the behaviors of economic agents in the context of production, consumption and distribution activities and the resulting relationships. It is an undeniable fact that the processes of production, distribution, processing and consumption of the resources that Allah entrusts for the needs of mankind have been changed according to the structure of the society and the world view. In other words, every realm of imagination / worldview can have its own economic conception / paradigm and therefore its own economic system.

The Islamic Economy and the Market

The spread of neoliberal policies and globalization of financial capitalism since 1980s has led to huge debt burdens on individuals, interest spirals through banks and a considerable increase in profits of financial institutions. Studies on the Islamic economy are also entering a new stage at a time when the influence of financial institutions is widening. Looking at the point reached in the last thirty years, it seems that the search for alternative systems has become an effort to exist in the contemporary system.

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