13 September 2017
During the first day of IKAM and ILKE Team's visit to Malaysia, a dinner was hosted by ICIFE (International Council of Islamic Finance Educators)in their honour. The team which comprised President IKAM Lutfi Sunar, Chairman ILKE Board of Trustees, Davut Sanver and Member ILKE Board of Trustees exchanged ideas about working of both IKAM and ICIFE and potential for future cooperation between them.
13 September 2017
Lütfi Sunar, President, Research Center for Islamic Economics (İKAM), Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, İGİAD, Ömer Bedrettin Çiçek and General Secretary, İLKE Kadir Yaman visited Participation Banks Association of Turkey (TKBB). TKBB Secretary General Osman Akyüz and Asst. Assoc. Prof. Aydin Yabanlı hosted this institutional visit and aimed to strengthen the relations between the two institutions.
28 August 2017
The New Issue of Turkish Journal of Islamic Economics <a href="" title="Vol. 4 Issue 2">Vol. 4 Issue 2</a> is now available online. The journal is continuing its commitment to bringing together researches from all dimensions of Islamic Economics & Finance, its history, theoretical underpinnings, its relevance to Islamic Fiqh, its practicable tools and their applications. Published by IKAM, TUJISE uniquely provides a research platform to notable, experienced scholars and novice researchers of Islamic Economics, side by side.
5 April 2017
Interest has to be completely abolished for the permanent solution of the financial problems. For the solution of the financial problems, the field of interest-free applications should be enhanced, and the new applications like cooperative banking, real estate certificates, solidarity and cooperation funds, micro finance and crowd funding should be led up in the legislation.