He was born in Sakarya, 1993. After graduating from Sakarya Anadolu Lisesi, he completed his undergraduate program in Public Finance Department of Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences and he is continuing his graduate studies in Sakarya University Islamic Economics and Finance Department (Thesis). He is also a research assistant at Sakarya University's Islamic Economy and Finance Practice and Research Center.

Born in Ankara in 1994, Enver ASLAN graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Economics.ASLAN trained in Malaysia and England; Islamic Cooperation Organization SESRIC, SETA Foundation, T.C. Ministry of Culture and Tourism, T.C. He has done an internship in Istanbul Development Agency. ASLAN is the member of İBB Youth Committee Organizing Committee, which is the President of HASVAK Turkey State Hospitals and Disease Assistance Foundation Istanbul Branch. He worked for various non-governmental organizations throughout life.Marmara University continues his graduate education in International Trade and Money Management.

Merve Akkuş, who completed Sociology Department at İstanbul Bilgi University in 2012, has a master's degree in Modern Turkey Studies in Istanbul Şehir University. Between the years of 2005 and 2012 she worked as a research assistant at EDAM (Educational Counseling and Research Center), a training consulting firm. In this process, Civil Society Magazine, İş Ahlâkı Magazine, T.C. Prime Ministry General Directorate of Family and Social Researches contributed to the Family Education Program Material Development Studies as a project assistant. Working as a researcher at ILKE Ilim Culture and Education Association in 2013-2015, Akkuş has been serving as publishing officer in İktisat Publications, which was established in İKAM since October 2016.

Şükrü Çağrı Çelik graduated from Hacetttepe University Finance Department. Actively served in various foundations and associations during his university years. He worked at various stages of the Civilization Sourcing Youth, which operates within the Erdemli Administrators Academy (EYAD). Çelik participated in the activities of several institutions working in the field of Islamic Economy, especially Ankara Thinking Research Center (ADAM).Şükrü Çağrı Çelik is a research assistant at the Public Finance Department of Manisa Celal Bayar University.