About IKAM


ILKE Association for Science, Culture and Education is an umbrella organization. Under ILKE studies on business ethics and entrepreneurship, academic training and education and religious education is done. ILKE pioneers the agenda in Turkey in these areas.

ILKE is currently establishing a connection between the academy and the business world and creating new models. We founded Research Centre for Islamic Economics (IKAM), in order to conduct our research on Islamic economics and to have a platform from which we can conduct our long-term studies and publicize the results of our research.

We believe that Islamic economics has the potential to organize a fair economic life and distribution system. As its principles arise from a faith based on justice, Muslims have certain responsibilities in terms of their behaviour and statements. In this context, competent researches are needed to analyse and propose solutions to global problems.

The workshops on Islamic economics held by ILKE, ILEM and IGIAD over the past five years have contributed to this knowledge. Furthermore the workshops, which involve both theoretical and practical economics, have produced substantial outputs and inspire interest by different fractions. IKAM’s purpose is to undertake new studies on the basis of that knowledge and to improve information production in various areas.


IKAM aims to produce competent ideas and theories in order to build Islamic economic thought in a holistic manner.
• To produce information and data related to an Islamic economy and create a platform for new ideas.
• To conduct studies that focus on an economic system that is fair, encourages halal acquisition, respects people and has qualified human resources.
• To deal with both theoretical and practical issues related to the functioning of an Islamic economy, aim to interested in matters of Islamic economy on the basis of different dimensions and expand it to people as a helpful pattern.
• To attract more attention by producing useful research and to welcome alternative and innovative solutions.